Depreciation Rate Chart as per Schedule II of Co Act 2013

Depreciation Rate Chart as per Schedule II of Co Act 2013. Download Depreciation Rate Chart as per Part "C" of Schedule II of The Companies Act 2013. In this file you can find Depreciation Rate Chart as per WDV Method and As per SLM Method with Useful Life Details. Now you can download Depreciation Rate Chart as per Schedule II of Co Act 2013 from Below..

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  1. Hi Sir,
    I would like to know the method of depreciation to be adopted for fy 2015-16 in case of assets which are being held by the company as at 31-Mar-2016. Whether, we need to claim depreciation for the assets based on remaining term of the useful life of the asset or is their any standard rates that needs to be followed for the fy 2015-16 especially in case of WDV method.

    Also, should we provide depreciation on residual value (5%) of asset for fy 2015-16 OR excluding this residual value we need to calculate depreciation.

    This WDV method is creating confusion about depreciation for fy 2015-16 and hence the request.

    • Hi Ramesh
      Depreciation should be calculated on the remaining life of the asset and accordingly WDV rate is to be calculated. W.D.V = 1 – (s/c)1/n ( ‘s’ stands for scrap, ‘c’ stands for original cost and its (1 – s/c)1/n , n stands for remaining useful life ). We have to include residual value which should not exceed 5 % of the original cost.


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