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Download Sukanya shiksha yojana Investment Calculator. Download sukanya samriddhi calculator in Excel Format. Automated Investment Calculator for SSY Scheme. Hi Friends After Providing an special article for  Complete Details for Sukanya Samridhi Yojana. Now we provide Investment Calculator for Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana. Scroll down below and Download Sukanya shiksha yojana Investment Calculator in Excel Format.

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  1. YOGESH Sharma says

    Hi sir I am YOGESH Sharma my douter age 2 year plz ssy full brucher link and kitne se start hoti h Aur Kab Kitna milega sir confirm by scheme

  2. rakesh kumar says

    meri beti 4 sal ki hai or mai account SSY open krta hu to mujhe ladki ke 14 sal ke AGE tak mujhe 120000 rs jma krta hu per month 1000 ke hisab se. to mujhe ap ye btaye ki ladki ke 21 SAL tak hone pe totel kitne paise milenge . pls tell me sir……

  3. Bintu Yadav says

    Namaste Raju sir, Sir I have a girl child aged five years so I opened SSY account in a post office on april 2015 and depositing 5000 every month continousely. Now please tell me that what is the period to deposite money and when it mature(received)

    1. samar says

      sir kholwane wale ko kya
      benifit hai

  4. Hemesh sharma says

    Discontinue condition main kya hoga , kya hamara paisa milega

    1. Sanjeev Kumar says

      Discontinue condition main kya hoga , kya hamara paisa milega

  5. Hemesh sharma says

    what happen after Death of Guardian of Account Holder? and continuty

    1. Sanjeev Kumar says

      what happen after Death of Guardian of Account Holder? and continuty

  6. Parmjit Singh says

    agar ek sal mai 1000 rs bhare sal ka 12000 rs 14 sal ka 168000 maturity p
    uri hone par kitna milega pls tell me

  7. Mohan Lal says

    6 months 3 days ago

    Sar agar ham 1000 Rs har shal dalte rahe 14 shal tak to 21 shal bad kitna Rs.milega sae

  8. sohail says

    Sir Kya mai her month amnt bhar sakta hoo

  9. sandeep says

    Hi raju ji,
    Sir jo amount yearly 1000/_ minimum abhi maine diya..vokya
    Next year 2000/_ bhi hum de sakate hai..

  10. Jayesh sardhara says

    hi sir,
    me agar meri beti k liye par month 200 rs jama karta hu toh hame 21 year me kitne rps milenge.

    my doughter Dob – 24/6/2015
    pls rply

  11. SATYA says

    my daughter’s DOB 2.6.2004 . I M ELIGIBLE FOR SSY OR NOT ?

    1. rajesh kumar thakur says

      my daughter’s DOB 10.12.2004 . I M ELIGIBLE FOR SSY OR NOT ?

  12. Prashant says

    Hi Raju,

    My daughter was born on 9/12/15, So I am eligible for SSY or not??

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Prashant

      Yes you are eligible, Please go to any post office and open new SSY account.

  13. hansraj says

    Hello sir I am hansraj my two doughter first doughter birthday 31112011 and 2 nd doughter birthday 2382015 so plese tell me how account open .bank only bank going but bank telling our side no update plese help numbers. 8939507788

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi hansraj

      Please visit to your nearest post office and open your both daughters account.

  14. shivani says

    Meri 1 beti h jo 9 sep 2015 me hui h agar maine account khulavate samay 1000 rs. jma krvaye h to hr saal 1000 jma krva skti hu ya jada krvane honge

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Shivani

      Yes You can Deposit Rs 1000 every year

  15. pramod kumar says

    Mai pramodkumar mai 1000/ per month deposit karta hu to kitne year mai kitne matruty mile ga

  16. Syed Muneeb says

    Dear Raju

    I have 1 girl age 6months only i am giving 1000 per yrs plz calculate miturty amount after 21yrs


    Sukanya samiridhi yojana is my best child plan. this yojand is 100% girl child plan i am certified ok.

  18. Sanjay Kumar says

    sir meri beti ki dob 25-5-2005 hai to mujhe kab tak paise jama karaneh honge maine is yojana ki shuruat may 2015 se hi ki hai

  19. Moushumi Paul says

    if the account holder(girl child) expires during the tenure (21 years) [may God bless her long live] then what will happen? Who will get the amount?

  20. Ashutosh Jha says

    Dear sir,
    I want to deposit the different amount per month or as per possibilities of my business income i.e sometimes 2000/- or till 10000/-.

    1. vikram says

      yes,definitely you can deposit how much you want but note that it should not exceed a total of 1,50,000 in an annum and minimum amount should be maintained atleast by depositing 1000/- in an year

  21. gulam mujtuba says

    Respected sir
    now my daughter age is 6 years old, i opened account in post office (PSY), and pay 3000 rs pr month, how much amount will i get in the age of daughter 21 . pls

    1. nityanand verma says

      mera beti ka age7year ka ha

    2. Pramod Yadav says

      Hi gulam,

      if u pay 3000 rs pr month after 21 yrs give Rs.1875914


  22. RAVINDRA says

    sir,hum sbi me ssy account open kar sate ho kya , our seaving account se monthly pay ho sakata hai kya

  23. md.khalid tanweer says

    meri beti ki age 5 years hai. meine sukanya yojna karaya hu is yojna ka total amount kitne years mei complate hoga aur pura paisa 600000/- milega. beti ke age se 25 years mei ya beti ke age ke 21 years mei.

  24. milan mehta says

    sir, i am going to open an account for sukanya samrudhhi . Is there any benefit under 80 C?

    If i invest 1000 per month how many i will get after maturity?

    1. anuj kumar says

      If I deposit 1000 per month

  25. Bikas pal says

    Hi sir i am bikas pal from jamalpur i have invest 1000 pm in sukaniya samirdhi yojna.whenever maturity this policy than how many get.plz tell

  26. charu says

    hello sir
    DOB of my daughter is 11jan2005 .Is she eligible for sukanya yogna.

    pls tell me

  27. praveen says

    If on the time of filling of the pass book the date of birth of daughter is filled wrong than what should we do

  28. keya shah says

    Hi! sir, I am seperate from my husband, all documents received in Aug/Sept – 2015. My daughter’s birth date is 27/11/2007. Now, I want to open an account under this SUKANYA SHIKSHA YOJANA. After sepreation my daughter can put my name as a middle name, but I have all documents on her father’s name. My question is while opening an account which name I put in middle. He withdrawn is name, all responsibilities, rights everything & give it to me. Court also allow him & give all rights to me so, how I can open this account. Please give me proper guidence, so it will be benefical to my daughter in future.

  29. omsingh gurjar says


  30. M MEHRA says

    dear Raju, i have opened Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana and i have also PPF account. Pl. advice me whether i can taken IT benefits for both accounts. for exm. if I deposit 1.00 lacs in PPF and 0.50 lacs in Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, can I take benefits of total 1.50 lacs (1.00 + 0.50)


  31. Raghav paswan says

    mujhe bahut achha laga

  32. Jaswant says

    i want to open an Sukanya shiksha yojana in my bank (Bank of Baroda) but the bank employers cannot open this policy in their bank. So please guide us how to open this policy in my account.

  33. Rajesh pandey says

    agar mair per year 1000 jma karta hu to maturity hone per kitna milega

    1. K N Udayagiri says

      kindly inform maturity value if yearly contribution is Rs 12,000.00. Girl child age is one year.

  34. sebastian says

    in jaisalmer non of the bank taking deposite for sukanya a/c .why?

  35. ANUBHAV says

    please tell me that after maturity , we will get deposit many + interest only or any other benifit is also there or not?

  36. satpal singh says

    Dear sir

    My daughter dob -7-9-2008 if we are deposit 1000 per month .please tell me how many year deposit the amount and maturity year ?

    1. raj kumar says

      mai 03/04/2015 ko post office me khata khola hun kab tak paisa jama karn hog tatha kab matured hoga

      1. raj kumar says

        meri beti ki age 27/08/2007 hai kab tak paisa jama karenge tatha kab matured hoga. agar ek saal me 25000thousand jama karenge to metured amounnt kya hoga.

  37. Rajan yadav says

    This is best thinking

  38. Neeraj Anand says


    I have opned this account for my daughter on 21st Feb’15. Can you please confirm till which date I can make contribution in this Account or till which FY I can make contribution.

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Neeraj you can deposit in that scheme till 2028-29 financial year

      1. naresh says

        But my post master told that u can make the contibution till the marriage of your daughter. There is no restrictions like 14yrs from the opening of acct. 14 yrs calculation has been given just for example.

  39. Ranjani says

    Hi Raju,
    Thanks for the comprehensive article and the investment calculator. I wonder if you could clarify the tax and gaurdian implications of the scheme where both parents are earning members. Will each parent qualify separately for an exemption of Rs.1.5 lakhs per child if one girl child the father puts the amount as the guardian and for the other girl child the mother puts another 1.5 lakhs as her gaurdian?
    Or will both the first and second child together only qualify for a total limit of Rs.1.5 lakhs for one single guardian either dad or mom?
    I mean for PPF I have a quota of 1.5 lakhs for my account and my child’s account and my husband seperately for another child and himself . Is a similar thing allowed under this scheme also?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Raju Choudhary says

      Hi Ranjani

      Each parent can open an account for one girl…..I.e Total 2 girls children are allowed to have this account whether they r by any parent

      and each one can open an account separately and get the total deduction … the couple can open an account for one child each n get the benefit……..

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